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 Bex Body Sculpting a Holistic Personal Training and Life Coaching Company . We are dedicated to help you achieve overall health and wellness success .

Beckie Sitar, Creator of BBS developed a training method- the S.T.E.P. Method (Sitar Training Exercise Program )The philosophy is  based on a building block of steps to successfully achieve ones ulitmate goal.
BBS will tailor design a training program that is based on the goal of each individual client. We guide each client to define their ultimate goal . We create sub goals to achieve that ultimate goal. 
We offer our training with a holistic approach. We seek to create a balance of mind , body . We do this through a combination of clean eating, cardiovascular and strength training . The program may include : cardio, circuit as well as interval training, resistance training , weight training, yoga and pilates to build flexibilty and endurance. We offer aqua training as well.  BBS is ideal for everyone from the seasoned althlete to someone who may be starting a brand new program for the first time .

  Are you ready to start  your journey to a new better version of you?  Contact us today to get started on your journey.
Call Bex Today 570-504-4248 . Visit BexBodySculpting on Facebook or email us @








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Beckie Sitar has been featured in print articles as well on television promoting well balanced healthy eating and fitness habits .


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